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Celebrating two years of pioneering leadership development with Growloop

Feb 04, 2024 19:01:51 

In just two years, Growloop has revolutionized the landscape of digital leadership development. Our journey has taken our innovative programs to users in 33 countries, launching over 60 mobile-based initiatives that resonate with today’s dynamic work environments. As we mark this milestone, we’re excited to share our key insights.

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Unveiling the hidden power of organizational culture: A journey through the Paradoxes

Nov 12, 2023 13:01:51 

Have you ever walked into a workplace and felt an idescrible vibe, and intangible energy that seems to permeate the air? That is the magic of organizational culture at work. Organizational culture is the invisible force that shapes our work, lives, driving our behavior, attitudes, and even our productivity. In the organization, culture is what comes natural for us.
Organizational culture is often considered "the way things are done" within an organization and it influences every aspect of an organization's operations.

The journey into culture

Customer spotlight: Digital solutions are renewing leadership development

Digital transformation opens up entirely new opportunities for learning and leadership development. Vitrolife Group, a company, operating in 33 countries that has recently experienced significant growth, including a major acquisition, realized the urgent need to develop leadership within the organization. They decided to invest in a completely new type of leadership program where the solution is digital and agile.

I believe this is just the beginning of a development where we will see increasingly better, customized solutions, says Karin Koritz Russberg, who is responsible for Global HR & Sustainability at Vitrolife Group.

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