Growloop is a clever tool that develops individuals and teams in parallel.

Me-loop focuses on your own learning, your goals, how you thrive and grow.

Team-loop is about your team and how you can grow stronger together, for example, by understanding and using each other’s differences and driving forces.

Org-loop strengthens your bond to the larger context, such as the values ​​and goals of the company, society, or the world.
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Models and methods based on research, refined together with thousands of leaders over the past 20 years.

All in one app.

Develop self-reflection, a feedback culture, goal setting skills, and much more.

Getting started is easy.

Develop invaluable leadership skills in a matter of weeks,with easily accessible digital programs.

16 programs to accelerate individual and organizational well-being, profit, cooperation, and sustainability. 
Growloop leadership training in your cellphone
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Leadership training and support in everyday life, regardless of education, knowledge, or maturity.

Growloop is based on great practices in leadership development, designed to work for everyone. The app helps you implement what you learn with exercises you can do on your own or together with colleagues.

Digital solutions combined with human support and help is what makes Growloop an indispensable partner on your growth journey.

Theories, exercises, and methods exist in a digital environment, but it is in the conversation with co-workers that a large part of the development takes place, as you gain and share new perspectives and insights with one another.
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