Science-based skills and qualities designed to increase inner and outer growth.

In an increasingly changing and fast-paced world, uncertainty and complexity are escalating in many organizations, slowing opportunities for growth.

83% of organizations say they need leadership training for every employee. Only 5% have implemented it.

6 of 10

employees report being emotionally detached at work.


of employees voluntarily leave their jobs due to poor management.


higher profit is enjoyed by business units with engaged workers.

An essential part of the solution for the concerning number of workers that express job dissatisfaction, disengagement, and burnout, is better leaders in the workplace. 
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Making leadership and personal development accessible to everyone is important, because it contributes to a better and more sustainable world.

Increased leadership helps people and organizations improve their well-being and their way of navigating complexity, yielding meaningful results.

Growloop users report better communication, teamwork and engegement, as well as increased self-reflection skills. These are all part of the Inner Development Goals’ transformative skills for sustainable development of a happier, healthier society.

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