The digital coach for leadership growth

We’re making it easy to learn and grow for everyone. Growloop helps organisations to cost efficiently build leadership at every level in their organisation.


We have 15 years of experience from supporting top organisations in transformation and coaching​

In our years of experience in supporting global companies and top management in transforming their businesses from a leadership perspective, we’ve seen a great need to scale the recipes for personal leadership development to everyone.

The timing is right.

The increasing complexity, the exponential development and the uncertainty in the world calls everyone to be part of the leadership to solve todays and tomorrows challenges.

Group 114

To succeed in creating sustainable long term results and to inspire employees to stay viable and creative, we see that everyone in the company, not just the management team would need a developed self leadership.

That’s why we have created Growloop so that every individual, team or organisation can enjoy the powerful executive self leadership development earlier only affordable by top leaders and the management team.


For existing teams, Growloop helps them optimize their roles and boost productivity.

Me loop

Me loop

In this loop, we focus on your individual growth, manage yourself and reach your goals.

We loop

We loop

This loop is for what’s going on in the Team and how to grow the way you work, talk and do things together.

Big loop

Big loop

In this loop we focus on the bigger picture. To understand and grow your connection to the values and goals of your organisation, society or world.