Celebrating two years of pioneering digital leadership development with Growloop

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Johan Landgren
07 nov 2023 13:01:51

In just two years, Growloop has revolutionized the landscape of digital leadership development. Our journey has taken our innovative programs to users in 33 countries, launching over 60 mobile-based initiatives that resonate with today’s dynamic work environments. As we mark this milestone, we’re excited to share our key insights:

Unified development pace
We value your time. Our digital leadership programs are crafted to align with each individual, team, or department across your organization. Our synchronized approach ensures cohesive development, transcending time zones and schedules.  

Flexible continuous learning
Growloop's mobile platform adapts to your pace, seamlessly integrating into daily routines for rapid skill enhancement and tangible outcomes.

The human touch
While our solutions are digital-first, human interaction remains a cornerstone. Our programs begin with motivational webinars and are supported by 'learning triads'—groups that meet regularly to exchange insights, fostering a rich culture of shared understanding.

Results-driven approach
Our methodology isn’t just flexible; it’s proven. We blend knowledge,  collaboration,  and practical application to create an impactful learning environment where theory meets practice.

As we continue to navigate these transformative times, Growloop stands ready to support your growth journey. Here’s to adapting, evolving, and thriving together.

The digital approach makes the cost for the service so much lower. This fact drives buyer motivation to include many more in the leadership development. Good for everyone!



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